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MAY 2017
Brand New CD from The Sirocco Bros. NOW AVAILABLE!

16 Tracks on CD or download from CD Baby
Full Track listing on The Sirocco Bros. and ready to buy via the Online Store menu above.
The LP version will be released very soon.


APRIL 2017

10 Tracks on 12" Vinyl LP, CD or download from iTunes
Full Track listing on Alice's page and ready to buy via the Online Store menu above.
The LP version comes with Free giant poster of Alice.


Keith Turner “Heart Of Gold” B/W The Frettones “Life Goes On (RR45-052)
Tony Diavolo “Crawling” B/W Danny McVey “Hello Heartache” (RR45-053)
The Sirocco Bros “Alcatraz” B/W “Mean ‘Ol Sky” (RR45-054)
Boz Boorer “El Camino Real” B/W Boz & Sarah Vista “Make A Circuit With Me” (RR45-055)

Sound clips of the 45s, inc both sides can be found next to the release in the online store section.

There’s also a re-release of the Dollar Bill CD album ‘I Aint Got But A Dollar’ which has three bonus tracks, including the thumping “All Messed Up And Down”.

A new album from the Alice Jayne band is on the horizon, and more details of this will appear once we have a release date. It’s been a long project due to commitments of those involved (did you know Andy Wren plays in 11 bands!), but I have to say that the recordings are magnificent. Pic below was taken outside the studio in May , but is missing Dan (piano) who left to play a gig!

L-R is Andy (guitar), Gary (drums), Adam (harmonica), Wayne (bass) and of course, Alice.

MARCH 2016


March 2016 sees the release of “Rock N Roll” B/W “Come On In”. Another fabulous and frantic double ‘A’ side, which seems to be their hallmark!



 “Heart Of Gold” b/w “Life Goes On” is being released to coincide with the “First Keith Turner Revue” on Friday 20th May, at the Edinburgh Masonic club. 150 copies are being pressed in gold vinyl with a picture insert, and will be on sale during the night for £10.00 each. All money received will be going to  Cancer Research and the Children’s Hospice, who are the beneficiaries of the whole event. The standard black vinyl issue will be available via the website soon after.


 April sees the release of two absolutely stunning tracks. “Crawling” - Tony Diavolo. and “Hello Heartache” – Danny McVey. Both numbers are dance floor friendly, which is a pretty gigantic understatement!


Chris Magee, filmed, directed, edited and produced this blockbuster. How it was overlooked by B.A.F.T.A. is a complete mystery. The bar scene at the end has some of the best acting since Prisoner Cell Block H!




KEITH TURNER (1962-2015)

On Monday the 26th October 2015, Keith Turner finally lost his long battle with cancer.
He was one of life's gentlemen who will be greatly missed by all those that knew him personally,
and those that knew him through his music.
He's left a fantastic musical legacy with his bands Hi-Voltage, The FreTones and The Southern Sound,
and tracks he recorded with all three, will be played for years and years to come.
One particular song must be mentioned though. Keith wrote and recorded "Life Goes On" with his
band The FretTones whilst going through intense chemotherapy that nearly killed him. It's an extraordinary piece of work, as he finally gets out how he really feels, and it just hits you every time you hear it.
They say you're never dead as long as someone on earth still remembers you. Keith will be alive for eternity with the material he's left. He really was that good, and we'll miss him terribly.



October sees the release of three great new 45s. A fabulous double sider from Alice Jayne & The Sirocco Bros, two stunning instrumentals from Andy Wren, and a double whammy of pumping piano pounders from the Thomas LaVelle Four. The quality of all three is up there with the best!


The FretTones 10" LP was released on the 5th September at a great launch night in Edinburgh.

The band played live to a packed audience who were treated to a top, top performance.
It's now available through the website.

Alice Jayne's second video from Bopflix is as classy as it gets. Her arrangement of "I Want You" fits perfectly with the smokey and dimly lit back drop used in the film, and the finished article is stunning.

Watch it on full screen!

New album from the FretTones out now,
along with new 45s from The Sirocco Bros, The Excellos and
The FretTones... and new CD EP from Danny McVey.

JULY 2015
Alice Jayne's great first video
courtesy of Bopflix films


JUNE 2015
Debut Alice Jayne & the Southern Sound
Now Available as a Double Pack 45

Housed in a luxury gatefold sleeve. An amazing voice, with an amazing backing band, and sounding just amazing!

The Shaking Bones 5 track CD is released this month, and is pure dynamite.
These guys are in the groove from the off! Hit the player for a listen.

APRIL 2015
Download the new Alice Jayne release

Ahead of the double pack 45 from Alice Jayne,
all four tracks are now available to download via itunes, Amazon, Google etc.


APRIL 2015
The Sirocco Bros New Single Released

RR45-043 - Vortex B/W Get Behind Me Satan

MARCH 2015
New Sirocco Bros Album Out Now!

"This is the shit......if you don't get this you really are dead from the toes up, the only band for a long time I have wanted to own all the records they put out.. the beat ,the songs, the fuckin SOUND........you can tell they really KNOW and more importantly.......they care..........so so right"
…Richard Hawley

New Double Pack 45 from Alice Jayne

We've been busy for the last two months working on 4 tracks for this new release. Alice has the most amazing voice, so when you back her with Wayne Hopkins, Tony Diavolo, Andy Wren, Dollar Bill and Adam Burney, the sound is going to be worth waiting for. First 50 copies will be on two different colour vinyl's, so reserve your copies now. It's the usual first come first served! Both the coloured and black vinyl issues will be housed in a glossy gatefold sleeve.Alice and the band have also been busy filming two music videos with Chris Magee's, Bopflix Film Company. Chris' ideas, technique, and style are becoming legendary. He lives and breathes his art, and is the best in the business.

New 45 & CD from the Sirocco Bros.

March heralds the release of not only a new 45, but a CD album to boot! The single is "Vortex" B/W "Get Behind Me Satan" (have a listen to the clips via the youtube video), which is just another amazing number from the brothers! The album is via CD and titled 'Shake With The Siroccos'. Features all their 45s including the new one mentioned above.
There won't be a vinyl version as if you're a fan of theirs, you'll have all the 45s so no point in owning them on an LP as well. This release is for all the people who don't like downloading, but happen to like the 5" shiny saucers! There may well be a 10" LP on the way from the Sirocco's, but it will be all new material. Watch this space!


Thomas LaVelle Session

1st March sees Thomas Lavelle back down at the studio along with Andy Wren, Gary Griffin and Wayne Hopkins, who are collectively known as the Thomas La Velle Four! Tom's exciting to work with, as you never know what he's going to do or come up. A real genius for sure! Chris Magee will be filming a video with the band, so you'll finally get to see what we mean.

New 45 from Andy Wren

April is the scheduled release for a new 45 from Andy. A fantastic reworking of one of the great John Barry themes that only he can do. The arrangement and sound are to die for, but you'll have to wait 'til nearer the time to find out which song he's done! If you liked "The Outer Zone", then you'll love this!

New Album in Aid of Cancer Research
from Keith Turner

'We've released a CD titled "Keith Turner & Co." which contains 25 selected tracks of his work with Hi-Voltage, The FretTones and The Southern Sound. Keith has been fighting cancer in one form and another for over 10 years now, and he wanted to do something to help in the ongoing fight to find a cure.
The album is only available via ebay as they have the facilities (along with paypal), to take a donation at the point of purchase. We have set up the ebay page to donate £9.00 directly to Cancer Research on every CD purchased for £10.00.
Not only is this a great and worthy cause, you'll also receive a fabulous work of art!
Just hit the link below, to listen to excerpts and make your purchase.

Keith Turner & Co - Heart of Gold

The Sirocco Bros. Latest Single
Is Out Now!

"Sirocco" is a world class rockabilly track! An amazing sound that'll have you in a whirl as soon as the drums kick in. The brothers just keep coming up with the goods, and the flip would make a great 'A' on any other occasion, but "Sirocco" is, to reiterate.......world class!


The Brand New Thomas LaVelle album and
45s Are Gone Again! Released on CD!





JUNE 2014
Three NEW 45s available Now!

The Thomas LaVelle Four – Fly-Rite Baby / Radar Love
The Sirocco Bros – Shake / Davy Jones' Locker
Keith Turner & The Southern Sound – Promises / Heart Attack


The next Rollin Revue takes place at the 229 club, Great Portland St, on Saturday 8th March 2014.

This is one of the top music venues in London, with a superb sound system, and a large dance floor.Live on stage will be The Excellos, Dollar Bill and The Southern Sound.

The Southern Sound are Keith Turner, Dollar Bill, Wayne Hopkins, Tony Diavolo, Andy Wren and Adam Burney. All will be performing their solo 45s (apart from Dollar Bill, who will be doing a separate solo performance), and Keith will be doing a longer set.

Piano pounder Tom Lavelle, will also be performing his new 45.
There's also a surprise and exclusive performance, plus three of the UK's top DJs who seem to have been around all my life! Yes, Bill Smoker, Steve Grinster and Tall Mark will be spinning the wax right into the wee small hours!

Doors open at 8pm and the bar closes at 3am.
Admission is £15.00 before 10pm and £20.00 after.
Advance tickets are available at £15.00 each from the venue itself via this link.

New Single from The Sirocco Bros.

December 2013 saw the release of the new 45 from the Sirocco Bros, "Lightning Bolt" B/W "Devil Bones" RR45-038. This is their fourth single release, and the second on Rollin. An amazing production that's a bona fide double 'A' side!


The brothers are the act that everyone would like to see, but have not yet made a live appearance. Will they be playing the Rollin Revue in March? I couldn't possibly comment!!!

New Tom Lavelle Album and 45

L to R: Wayne Hopkins, Tom Lavelle, Gary Griffin and Andy Wren.

We've also been active in the studio with the Tom Lavelle , recording his new album, which is due for release in February 2014. Tom is backed by Andy Wren, Gary Griffin and Wayne Hopkins. A vinyl single will be released at the same time titled "Flyrite Baby", which is an absolute corker!

JULY 2013
New Excellos 45 Out Now

You'd be mad not to buy it!

MAY 2013
Lightnin' Slim / Blue Mambas 45

Now available (RR45-036) features the original Excello recording with overdubbed bass (Wayne Hopkins) and guitar (Tony Diavolo). The tempo has also been sped up! The flip side "Zulu" by the Blue Mambas has finally got a vinyl release, 3 years after it was originally recorded. The definitive version!

MAY 2013
Dollar Bill - All Messed Up and Down


APRIL 2013
Official Video of Adam Burney's
"Bring It To Jerome"
released by Bopflix Films

Watch in full screen mode for the ultimate experience!

MARCH 2013
New Single from Wayne Hopkins

Road Hog b/w I Got My Hands On You Baby (RR45-031)

Six New 45s on the way for Spring

from Dollar Biil, Adam Burney, Tom Lavelle (see video below), The Excellos,
Tony Diavolo and Lightnin' Slim with Wayne & Tony of The Blue Mambas.


Dollar Bill - All Messed Up and Down

Dollar Bill and His One Man Band's new single
All Messed Up and Down
b/w She's Got It
will be released on vinyl 45 in March.
You can download the A-Side today from CD Baby.

Video for Andy Wren's new single

Straight from the Bopflix film studios comes this great full length
promotion video for Andy Wren's new 45 'The Outer Zone'. Wonderful stuff!


Keith Turner & the Southern Sound

The latest album from Keith Turner &The Southern Sound is now out! Titled 'One More Chance', it's a superb follow up and contains some amazing sounds.
Click the player on the page to hear excerpts of all the tracks.

New Releases!!

October sees the release of four new 7" singles from the likes of Keith Turner & The Southern Sound, The FretTones, Andy Wren and Adam Burney. The first 100 copies of each release comes on coloured wax in a numbered poly bag with a picture insert. These editions are only available through our ebay site on the day of release, which you can go to by clicking this link. The standard black vinyl issues in the company sleeves will be available via the website at the end of October.

Also there's the long awaited follow up album from the FretTones titled ' Stop Frettin', which is available to buy now. 16 tracks of high octane Rock N Roll / Rockabilly with a few surprises thrown in to show their diversity! These guys are top musicians / arrangers and I predict large critical acclaim for this album.

Early November will see the release of the new Keith Turner & The Southern Sound album titled 'Heart Of Gold'. One hell of an album showcasing the immense talent of all concerned!
We now have a page on Facebook which we use to promote new releases and give information on gigs and tours by artists who record for us.